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Kitchen Fitting Survival: How To Set Up A Temporary Kitchen

Your new kitchen fitting is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. Although the process should only take a few days, that period of time can be quite unsettling. To help you and your family survive your kitchen fitting, we’ve put together a quick and easy guide to setting up a temporary kitchen. The meals you can make in this kitchen will be limited somewhat, but there’s no reason why you can’t produce tasty, healthy food for your family while you’re having a new kitchen fitted.

Create A Meal Plan

You may not be the kind of family that has weekly meal plans. However, during your kitchen fitting they’ll be a life saver. Plan meals for the duration of the fitting, and add a couple of extra days on just in case. Make a note of which ingredients and what equipment you’ll need to make these meals. Don’t forget to account for snacks, and maybe a takeaway if your budget allows!

Pack Up Before The New Kitchen Fitting​

It may be tempting to just chuck everything into boxes, but thoughtfully packaging your kitchen wares could save a lot of hassle. Remember that list of ingredients and equipment you made after planning your meals? Use this to ensure that the items you’ll need to use in your temporary kitchen are readily available and easy to find. Anything else can be stowed away safely until the fitting is complete.

Clear An Appropriate Space​

Your ideal temporary kitchen space will have access to water, electricity slots and adequate space. You may have to compromise on this, depending on the space you have available. Remember that you’ll want to set your temporary kitchen up in an area that won’t get in the way of your kitchen fitters.

Use the electricity sockets to plug in your kettle and microwave. These will allow you to make hot drinks and meals. If you have running water, you can clear space so that you’re able to wash up dishes and dry them. This might have to be in a bathroom if you don’t have anywhere else. In this case, a side table could come in handy so you can separate kitchen items from bathroom items.

If you’ve chosen to have your kitchen fitting carried out in the warmer months, you could consider firing up the barbecue! This is a great way to keep morale high while your kitchen is upside-down, and you could even cook a little extra so you can use the leftovers for salads and snacks.

Find Somewhere To Eat

If you don’t have a separate dining area, you will need to choose a new place to sit down and eat. Many families will decide that the best place to eat while their kitchen fitting is underway is the living room. You may want to invest in a few lap trays to make this easier. There’s also no reason why you couldn’t choose to dine outside if the weather is nice!

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