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Why Appliance Installation Should Be Done By A Professional

New appliances can be expensive, so we understand the temptation to carry out a DIY installation. However, incorrect fittings can cause damage to your new purchase, and even your home. This is why appliance installation is usually best left to the professionals. Take a look at our guide to find out why new pieces of equipment shouldn’t be installed without expert help.

Gas Appliance Installation Safety​

First and foremost, if the appliance that you have is powered by gas, you absolutely must have a Gas Safe Registered engineer fit it. Gas can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. Make sure that the engineer that you choose has a Gas Safe ID card and that the appliance they’re fitting for you is on the list of services they’re approved to provide. Not all gas equipment is made the same, so it’s very important that they’re qualified to work on the appliance that you have.

Fitting gas yourself poses a lot of risks. For starters, gas is highly flammable. This could result in injuries or even death. In addition, when gas is not installed correctly, it could leak into your home. Gas leaks are a cause of carbon monoxide poisoning, and can even cause explosions. If you don’t know how to install gas safely and correctly, leave it to a professional.

Gas appliance installation

Personal Injuries​

If you’ve never carried out an appliance installation before, you could be putting your health at risk. Moving appliances around can be difficult and cause strain to your muscles and joints. Professionals will have equipment and manpower to move your appliances safely.

There’s a reason why professionals undertake extensive training to be qualified to carry out installation jobs. If you’ve ever had a back injury, you’ll know how debilitating the pain can be. Don’t put your body under unnecessary stress by installing an appliance without the correct knowledge and equipment.

Appliance Installation Resulting In Damage​

Installing an appliance that you aren’t familiar with could result in damage. Not only could you break the appliance if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could also damage your home. Dishwashers and ovens are heavy, and if they’re dropped or moved incorrectly, tiles and flooring can be ruined. You could even end up damaging your walls, countertops and other appliances if you’re not careful. The cost to fix these damages can easily stack up, and could make your appliance installation significantly more expensive in the long run. Sometimes, it just makes sense to hire a professional.

Protect Your Warranty

When you buy a brand new appliance, it will usually come with a warranty. Read this carefully, as they often contain details about installation. If it states that the warranty is void if your appliance is self-installed, you should hire a professional. Your warranty will protect you financially if the appliance breaks unexpectedly or is faulty. You will have a hard time recuperating these costs if you can’t prove that you had professional appliance installation.

Fridge appliance installation

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